Kids Savings

Enjoy lots of benefits with your LegacyTexas Kids Savings.

Here’s How it Works:

Stop by any LegacyTexas branch location to open your Kids Savings account. Start with a minimum opening deposit of $25. Then when you make a $10 or more deposit to your kids savings, we will stamp your savings record with one stamp.1

When you get straight A's on your report card, bring it to any LegacyTexas location for a free stamp! Once you save 10 stamps, you may redeem your official savings record for a special gift card.

Kids Savings Account Benefits:

  • Start earning interest on any balance.2
  • Open your very own certificate of deposit with as little as $100!
  • Learn valuable money management skills and get rewarded for saving!

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Raising Financial Savvy Kids

Children typically learn from observation and imitation than through any other method. So, as you do your best to make sound financial decisions, your children will see, and often emulate, your commitment to fiscal responsibility.

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Start-Up CD

  • A great way to get started saving for the long term!
  • No set up or maintenance fees.
  • Only $100 minimum to open.

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