Login Security

Expanded security options for Online Banking.

Enhanced Login Security offers you an extra layer of protection to guard your accounts from unauthorized access. In addition to signing in with your username and password, you will receive a temporary access code to authenticate your identity when signing in from a new or public computer.

Login Security Setup

When logging in to Online Banking for the first time, you will be presented with a Login Security Setup page. Simply choose how you want to receive your temporary access code — by text, phone or email.

Login Security Example 





Verify Login Security Example








Using Login Security

If you attempt to log in to Online Banking from an unrecognized computer after setting up Enhanced Login Security, a screen will display asking how you would like to receive your temporary access code: text, voice or email.

Select your method of choice, and once it has been sent, enter it into the access code field. If you enter the numerical code incorrectly, an error message will pop up instructing you to re-enter it.

Please note: Your temporary access code will expire within 15 minutes of being sent. If you do not log in during this time period, you must request a new code.


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